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Piatto del Buon Ricordo” (literally “the plate that creates a delightful memory”) is an iconic initiative of the “Unione dei Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo”. This association, composed of high-quality Italian restaurants, has been established in 1964 to celebrate the reputation of traditional Italian regional cuisine. Over the past 60 years, the Unione has been a beacon of excellence, offering a culinary journey through the vibrant palette of flavors and colors that define authentic Italian gastronomy. Today, the Unione proudly encompasses 112 member restaurants across Italy and beyond, from north to south, representing the pinnacle of Italian regional cuisine. With members in Europe, Japan, and now in the United States, Terre | Pasta & Natural Wine holds the honor of being the first restaurant in the USA to join this prestigious Association.

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Piatto del Buon Ricordo

Hand-painted plate crafted by artisans in Vietri, Amalfi Coast.

Since its inception, the hallmark of each member restaurant has been a unique, hand-painted plate, crafted by the artisans of Ceramica Artistica Solimene in Vietri sul Mare (Amalfi Coast, Campania). This plate, featuring the restaurant’s signature dish, is a gift to patrons who partake in the “Menu del Buon Ricordo,” allowing them to take home a piece of the delightful Italian culinary memory.

Our chosen specialty, “Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragù”, embodies the quintessential Italian culinary tradition. This dish, originating from Tuscany and Umbria, combines fresh pasta with a tasty, slowly cooked wild boar ragù. In our commitment to support the local economy, we source our wild boars from the wilderness of Texas Hill Country, blending Italian tradition with American produce. Our menu is completed with the traditional “Insalata di Coniglio” (rabbit salad) and “Panna Cotta” with 25-year-aged traditional balsamic vinegar, offering a comprehensive taste of Italy.

Piatto del Buon Ricordo

Gifted with the Menu.

Menu del buon ricordo

“Piatto del Buon Ricordo” is gifted with the menu.
You will bring home the memory of a delightful gastronomic Italian experience and you will start or enrich your collection of Piatti.

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Celebrating Plate Collectors

This initiative not only celebrates Italian culinary traditions but also fosters a community of plate collectors, each piece telling the story of a memorable dining experience.

Join us at Terre in celebrating this prestigious association with the “Piatto del Buon Ricordo” and embark on a memorable gastronomic journey that bridges the culinary heritage of Italy and the United States.