Making Pasta is fun!

Come and enjoy our delicious “Terrelle” with the best ragù sauce.
You will feel at home, an Italian home.

1. Making the dough

Arrange the fontana “fountain”:  make a mound of flour, create a hole in the center, and crack the farmer’s market eggs into the center of the fontana.

2. The importance of our hands

The ingredients feel your love! Start to incorporate the flour into the eggs, a little at a time, by kneading until the dough starts to elongate, then fold it upon itself, turn it around, and start again. It takes a lot of hand work but it is worth it!

3. All precious things take time

After this step, we have ready a supple ball of dough which we than allow to rest for 2 hours.

4. And now have fun rolling out the dough

Using all the energy and love you have (but really, this part can be hard), flatten the dough out on a board using a rolling pin, once the dough is thin enough to see the board it is ready to be made into our Terelle!

5. Terrelle time!

Finally we can shape our “Terrelle” using a pasta machine.

6. And now our Terrelle are ready!

Our Terrelle are thicker than Tagliatelle, and thinner than Pappardelle and of course delicious!

We use “Greenmarket’s Regional Grains” Project, for our homemade pasta!

The seeds for the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project were planted in 2004 with the mission to support the rebirth of regional grain production. In our homemade pasta we always use “Whole Grain Spelt Flour” (Daisy Flour, PA), an “ancient grain,” rich with the full spectrum of nutrients, minerals, and vitamin B3, which is low in gluten, and high in protein. It’s great for our taste buds but even better for our bodies and health!

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